Telecom Expense Management & Dial Tone Design for Call Centers

Every month we organize and review your call center's voice & data phone bills, recommend service & technology upgrades customized for call centers, maximize your future options and minimize your current costs.

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Services delivered through the networks of major U.S. nationwide carriers. Current T-1 voice and data partners include Qwest, Global Crossing, Broadwing, AT&T, Level (3), and PAETEC. ATEL's 5-year partnership with these carriers enables ATEL to secure substantial discounts and pass these savings along to our customers.

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ATEL Call Center News
ATEL Attending "Next Generation Contact Center" Conference - To help ATEL's call center consulting clients keep in front of voice and data technology, Dan Baldwin will be attending the VoiceCon 2007 Conference in San Francisco to attend two days of seminars covering "Next Generation" services specifically designed for call centers.

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About Dan Baldwin

Dan has worked in the telecom network service industry since 1990 and has consulted with owners and managers of call centers since 1992. With seventeen years of industry experience, Dan intimately understands all telecom carrier cost components and how they affect the profitability of a call center.  From his past experience as a business owner himself, Dan knows when you need to pay extra for quality and when you should hold out for the lowest possible price.

Dan doesn't just present his call center clients with simple or obvious options. Dan carefully explains the risks, consequences and pay-offs associated with all options call center owners and managers face with regard to voice and data carrier services before ending with "Here's what I would do if I owned your business."

Dan's call center consulting fees are usually 5% to 10% of a call center's monthly voice & data spend and can be paid for directly by the client or can be deducted from carrier commissions so the client has no out-of-pocket consulting expenses for Dan's services.

As a result of contracting for Dan's call center carrier consulting services, Dan's clients save money in the short run but more importantly feel they are investing in the right voice and data technologies for their call centers to maximize future profitability.

To see how Dan can help your call center today please contact Dan at 858-646-4655 or

About ATEL Communications, Inc.
Whether serving a single large call center or smaller call centers in multiple cities, ATEL Communications, Inc. is keenly aware how critical telecommunications is to a call center's ongoing success. In conjunction with ATEL's carrier partners, ATEL has developed a comprehensive portfolio of innovative telecommunications products to meet the specific needs of call centers.

With ATEL, telecommunications management is simple. You'll receive an easy to read invoice for all call center services and one Customer Care number to call for personal, knowledgeable assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

ATEL was originally founded as a provider of business phone systems in 1985. ATEL's in-house network services division, which specializes in consulting to call centers was founded in 2002. ATEL and Dan Baldwin have been working together serving the call center industry since the mid-1990's


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